As a Realtor, my commitment is to equip myself with knowledge and thoroughness to guide clients in finding their dream home or property. Integrity is my foundation, and I genuinely enjoy working with people.

Celebrating 30 years of marriage with my husband Steve, I am a proud mother of two grown sons and a fortunate grandmother to two delightful grandchildren. Outside of real estate, my heart finds joy in spending time with family, especially my grandchildren. Cooking, reading, and engaging with friends are cherished pastimes. Supporting local businesses is a principle I hold dear, recognizing the importance of community connections.

My real estate journey started in 2006 and spanned until 2017, with a rekindled passion leading to a renewed license in 2021. In total, I’ve been actively involved in real estate for eight years.

The allure of this area captivates me—the stunning beauty, the quiet small-town ambiance, and the absence of traffic. The weather offers a welcome respite from the long winters up north and the scorching heat farther south. The genuine friendliness of the people completes the package, making this region not just a place to live but a true haven I am grateful to call home.

Carol Head


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Carol Head