Facts and Information

County Population:  Approx. 11,089

Formed in: 1861

Area:  221 sq. miles

Land Area:  215 sq. miles

Water Area:  6  sq. miles




                         Shooting Creek 




Population Density:  Approx. 50 people per sq. mile

Time Zone:  Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5)

Daylight Savings:  Yes

Median Age:  53.6

Median Income:  $42,160

Type of workers:

Private wage or salary:  62.4%

Self-employed, not incorporated:  14.84%

Government Employees:  14.67%

              Not for profit companies: 8.1%

Schools PreK-12

Hayesville Yellow Jackets

Clay County Number of Schools:  3
Gender ratio: Male students:  52.9% Female students:  47.1%
Elementary: Pre-K through 4th grade Enrolled students:  635
Middle:  5th through 8th grades Enrolled students:  450
High:  9th through 12th grades Enrolled students:  400