In the 1970s, I entered the real estate game seeking flexibility and fairness—a career choice that still keeps me engaged after four decades. Always evolving, it offers a perpetual learning curve. Licensed since January 1979, I bring 44 years of real estate experience to the table.

I studied at Guilford College and later graduated with a degree in Arts Administration from Phifer College. Beyond the professional realm, my world revolves around nurturing and enjoying the company of seven granddaughters. Gardening, playing music, and dabbling in paint are my outlets for creativity.

Active in the Flower Guild and contributing to the music at Good Shepherd, I find fulfillment in both community involvement and artistic expression. 

My connection to Clay County, initially established with a work-related move in 1993, felt like a homecoming. The sense of belonging has become so profound that I have no plans to leave. It’s not just a place; it’s where I belong, and I look forward to the journey ahead.

Liz D. McLamb


Liz McLamb headshot
Liz D. McLamb